Farewell Jimmy

I must first of all say, he’s not dead, but if you haven’t already heard the news today, the famous Jimmy Bullard has been forced to retire from professional football as a result of a number of knee injuries.

Without doubt one of the most popular footballers of his generation, Bullard will be remembered for his honesty on the pitch as well as his endearing personality which won him fans around the globe.

Speaking about his untimely retirement, the 33-year old had this to say: “My old knee injury has never allowed me to get back to where I want to be as a football player. My head tells me I can do it, but my body tells me, no Jim, you can’t.”

We wish Jimmy all the best in his retirement, and we hope he stays in the game in a coaching role perhaps, or even better, he becomes a manager (how great would that be?).

We’ll leave you with a Bullard classic.

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