£8 million Liverpool target admits that a move to the Premier League would interest him

Atletico Madrid midfielder Simao has today admitted that a move to the Premier League would interest him.

The Portuguese international has been linked with a move to Liverpool in recent days with several sources indicating an £8 million bid could be made by the Merseyside club in the coming weeks.

Simao, 30, is considered by many as one of the most naturally gifted footballers in Europe however, many, including myself, believe he is far too inconsistent to be considered a world class player.

The former Barcelona and Benfica man was quoted as saying this in one of today’s papers: “I only say that some people in Madrid have suggested that Atletico are preparing my sale, but I don’t know too much.

Simao went on too say: “I have always been interested in playing in the Premier League, but my head is in the World Cup and I have a deal with Atletico.”

Inconsistent he may be, I would still like to Simao arrive in the Premier League this summer. There is absolutely no doubt that Simao has bags of ability but for me, he hasn’t shown us that ability enough during his time with Atletico. Liverpool could do a hell of a lot worse than spend £8 million on a player like Simao and I for one believe there is a good chance this move will go ahead.

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