Three words to sum up the FAI

The FAI (Football Association of Ireland) have come in for a lot of deserved criticism in recent days for a number of decisions they have made.

The first decision which angered the large majority of football fans in Ireland was the FAI’s announcement that the first ever game in the country’s newly revamped AVIVA Stadium (or Lansdowne Road) would involve Manchester United.

The decision to have an English club taking part in the first ever game of football in Ireland’s new stadium is seen by many as a disgrace and unsurprisingly, the FAI have received a lot of stick for this.

The game is scheduled to take place on the 4th of August. However, the current League of Ireland champions, Bohemians, may be involved in a Champions League qualifier on the same night and instead of trying to change the date of the friendly, the FAI chief executive has already been in contact with UEFA (without consulting Bohs) regarding the possibility of changing the date of the Champions League qualifier.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the FAI have also decided to prevent Limerick FC from playing a friendly game with Barcelona on July 31st. It was revealed last week that Limerick had agreed a deal with the Spanish giants for them to come to Thomond Park during the summer to play a friendly which would have been worth millions to the local economy but the FAI decided not to give the game the go ahead.

The only reason why the FAI don’t want the game going ahead is because they wouldn’t be getting any money out of it. They really are a shambles of a football association. They care more about the English Premier League than they do about the League of Ireland. They couldn’t give a shit about the clubs in their own league and all they are concerned about is making money.

We at Football Corner would like you to sum up the FAI in three words. Whenever we do this feature we always seem to get a good response and I hope this one is no different. Tell us your three words by leaving a comment below.