Do You Know Your (Fantasy) Football?

Most Premier League teams still have it all to play for – the title race is on, a relegation battle is in full swing, and competition for European places is fierce.  But for most fantasy football managers, there isn’t much left to play for.

With only three weeks left in the Premier League season, most fantasy footie managers involved in long term competitions have either lost interest – as they are too far behind the pack, or only have the slimmest chance of emerging victorious. Those at the top may be coasting to victory with little or no resistance from their less well informed peers. Only a handful of us are still interested…

But now, that’s all changing… There is a new sheriff in town in the fantasy gaming world – and it involves week by week short term competitions. The newest platform to market, The Never Captain Nicky Butt Fantasy Challenge brings fantasy footie gaming to the casual football fan looking to have some fun, or wager with friends.

No longer do you need to be an “addict” involved in a season long pursuit of sleeper picks like Dave Kitson – obsessed with statistics, checking out the physio room reports from all 20 Premier League clubs the day before kick-off, or lost in pursuit of season long glory. Of course, the addicts / most loyal / experts will still remain this way, but what about the rest of  footie fans? The ones who love the beautiful game but perhaps have never heard of the fantasy value of say Birmingham’s Liam Ridgewell? The world finally has a solution:

No long term commitments. A fresh chance to win each and every weekend. Live chat to trash talk your mates. Live scoring to check your progress in real-time. A soon to launch iPhone app. And best of all: World Cup competitions this June and July. All completely free. The Never Captain Nicky Butt Fantasy Challenge is changing the way fantasy footie is played – and bringing it to the masses.

The new competition is basically a marriage-salvaging service. We know that millions of relationships have faltered because of fantasy football and computer simulations (I know I can take Bristol City to the Champions League title in Football Manager, I know I can…) and now you no longer have to be a footie addict, unwilling to participate in “real” life – stuck in a fantasy world. You can still have your missus, and eat your fantasy footie cake too.

Take a few minutes this weekend and test out your Premier League knowledge – invite your mates to a private competition, set up your team, watch a match or two, and still go out and enjoy “real” life. Save your relationship. Prove your footie knowledge. Avoid those sideway glances from your significant other when you are glued to your laptop. Do it all.

Good luck in love. But more importantly, good luck on the (fantasy) pitch.

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