Red and Yellow cards: where would we be without the bloody things?

Red and yellow cards: where would we be without the bloody things? Not much larger in height or width than a packet of cigarettes, the referee’s cards have the power to inhibit or conclude the performances of even the greatest players in the world, and in so doing, they have influence over not just the size of trophy cabinets throughout the world, but over the massive profit and loss accounts of world football.

When a referee sees a two-footed lunge or a mistimed tackle by the last defender, he takes out his red card and, as if summoning the gods, he points it towards heaven. Suddenly, your team is down to ten-men struggling against the other team’s eleven. Whether you play in the Champions’ League or the Sunday League, the red card poses huge problems for your team.

All that power is squeezed into just 3 x 2 inches of red and yellow plastic you can carry around in your back pocket. It’s unbelievable Jeff!

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