Alex Ferguson continues to annoy the sh#t out of me

I have never liked Alex Ferguson. Never have, never will.

The Manchester United manager was up to his old tricks again tonight, blaming officials for the fact his side just weren’t good enough to beat Bayern Munich over two legs.

When asked about Rafael’s sending off against Bayern, Ferguson had this to say : “It was 35 yards from goal. There was no threat and the referee wasn’t going to do anything about it until they surrounded him. It is typical of Germans. They are like that.”

Ferguson was then asked if the red card changed the game, to which he replied : “There is no doubt about it. They were never getting through that tie, with 11 men we had no problem.”

“It is hard to digest something like that. It was a top performance. In one way you could say we have thrown it away, in another you could argue we were very unlucky.”

Obviously I am not a United fan but even given that fact, I actually felt Bayern could have qualified even with Rafael on the pitch. They were already piling on the pressure before the Brazilian was shown his second yellow card and who is to say they wouldn’t have scored playing against 11.

There is no doubt that the ref probably wouldn’t have shown Rafael a second yellow had it not been for the Bayern players surrounding him, however I firmly believe Rafael deserved to be sent off. Two stupid fouls from a player who is still quite immature in my book.

Apart from the first 30 minutes or so, I actually thought United were pretty ordinary. For Ferguson to stand there saying that it was a top performance from his players is just ridiculous. He is always quick to blame others when things don’t go his way but I’m afraid tonight, he has no one to blame but himself.

Anyway, rant over.

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