Wayne Rooney injured in Bayern Munich game at Old Trafford

Wayne Rooney is hobbling around the Old Trafford turf after appearing to have hurt his right ankle again. I doubt it will be very long before they take him off.

Manchester United currently lead 2-0 against Bayern Munich but was Sir Alex Ferguson’s gamble to start Rooney worth it? I bet Fabio Capello doesn’t think it was.

UPDATE 1 : Rooney has signalled to the bench he is ok, but he is still doesn’t look comfortable.
UPDATE 2 : Manchester United now 3-0 up and Rooney is moving slightly better now but one suspects Ferguson may take him off at the break given the fact the game is nearly won.
UPDATE 3 : Manchester United 3-1 Bayern Munich. I wonder what Ferguson will do with Rooney now?
UPDATE 4 : Rooney is coming out for the 2nd half. Incredible!
UPDATE 5 : Rooney is now off with John O’Shea replacing him.
UPDATE 6 : Bayern have scored and if things stay as they are, the Germans are through.

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