England Face Easiest Road To The Semi-Final Of The World Cup In Decades

Every England fan must have given a huge sigh of relief after the World Cup Draw in December. All England fans would honestly say they were very happy to draw USA, Algeria and Slovenia and although USA are far from bad, England should still be beating them fairly comfortably. What most fans still won’t have realised is just how the rest of the World Cup 2010 draw favours England’s chances.

The major talking point of the draw is that Brazil and Spain, who are the two top sides in the World Cup 2010 Odds as well as England, will not play England until the World Cup Semi Final and World Cup Final respectively if all three teams win their groups as expected. You have to beat the best to win the World Cup, but you won’t necessarily have to play against them in all of the rounds.

Assuming England win Group C they will play against the runners up in Group D. Germany will most likely win Group D so that should leave Ghana, Serbia and Australia as possible opponents in the Second Round. All okay sides but not really teams that should beat England. After that comfortable win comes the Quarter Final and things will get tougher, but not that tough considering it is the last eight. France are most likely to be England’s opponents but that presumes France won’t massively under perform like they have done since getting to the Final of the 2006 World Cup.

France is the ‘worse’ case scenario in all of this, they could easily falter early in the Group Stage, which would see them come second or even fail to qualify, and then England’s opponents could be Mexico, Nigeria or even hosts South Africa. Again teams England would want to play. After that in the Semi Final the tough games begin, England will most likely play against Brazil and then in the Final Spain should be waiting. A tough end to the World Cup but that is expected and England just need to perform at their best in two final matches and they would probably win the World Cup. At the moment just a dream but give it three months and possibly a reality!

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