Are Arsenal making a mistake?

It has been announced this evening that Arsenal will make an appeal against the red card Thomas Vermaelen was shown during his side’s 2-0 win over West Ham on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger was clearly upset at the decision and he made his feelings known to Martin Atkinson as the two side’s left the field at half-time at the Emirates.

Vermaelen has been, without doubt, one of the Gunners top performers this season and although I understand Wenger wanting his best players available for every game, I actually think Arsenal are making a mistake by deciding to appeal.

We have seen on numerous occasions this season when a club has decided to appeal a red card, the FA have not only dismissed the appeal but they have also added games to bans.

With just a handful of games to go in this Premier League season, there is absolutely no doubt that Arsenal are in with a great chance of lifting their first title in 6 years, however I don’t believe Arsenal should have taken this unnecessary risk of losing Vermaelen for an extra game.

Having seen the incident a few times now, I personally believe Vermaelen did deserve to be sent off and I for one think we could be seeing that familiar sight flashing across the bottom of Sky Sports News tomorrow evening : ” …. has had his ban extended after FA deem appeal to be ‘frivolous’.”