Liverpool don’t deserve to finish 4th

Liverpool have now played 31 games in this Premier League season and have lost 10 of them.

With only a handful of games left in the season, Rafa Benitez’ men now sit in 6th place in the table following today’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Manchester United.

Tottenham currently occupy 4th spot with Liverpool now four points behind with the Londoners also having a game in hand. Manchester City remain wedged between the two and are currently the bookies favourites to take the final Champions League spot.

I for one hope Liverpool don’t finish 4th. They just don’t deserve it. They have won just 5 more games than they have lost this season and how they are still in the running for 4th is incredible. I will openly admit I am a Man City fan and obviously I would love to see us clinch 4th, however if it isn’t to be Roberto Mancini’s men then I would just hate to see Liverpool make it.

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