Fabio Capello Could Upset The World Cup Odds By Leaving Ashley Cole And John Terry Behind

Fabio Capello has announced he will take into account players’ off the pitch conduct when he makes his World Cup Squad selection and that could beg the question, how many players will the Italian be left with?

We all know many of the English players are not the most clean cut characters and with the English press seemingly doing their best to ruin England’s chances before the World Cup even begins it could be that England go to World Cup 2010 without any of their Premiership stars.

This is of course an overreaction but the two players most likely to miss out seem to be John Terry and Ashley Cole. The Chelsea pair have hit the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons and Fabio Capello has already proved he is willing to take drastic action by replacing John Terry as England captain. If any of the England stars were dropped for off the pitch conduct it would surely affect the England World Cup Odds massively.

England’s star player has to be Wayne Rooney and we all know he has had some well publicised off the pitch antics. Let’s hope he keeps up his good behaviour because if he doesn’t go to the World Cup, then England might as well not bother either.

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