Craig Bellamy & Roberto Mancini – It was never going to last

It was a bit of a shock to me to wake up and see this morning’s headlines regarding the alleged bust-up between Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini and striker Craig Bellamy, however I must admit, I wasn’t at all surprised.

Even the dogs on the street know what Bellamy is like. The Welshman is someone who simply won’t take no for an answer, always wanting things his way but unfortunately for him and indeed City, this fiery temper may just have cost him his job at Eastlands.

It is claimed that Mancini and Bellamy fell out yesterday during one of the club’s last training session’s before Sunday’s crunch encounter with Liverpool. Bellamy apparently refused to train one-on-one with one of Mancini’s Italian coaches and then it all kicked off. Below, is a City insider’s view  of the whole situation.

“The manager was yelling ‘Why are you always questioning me? Why won’t you do as you are told? Why are you always questioning everything at training and in games?’.

“Bellamy argued back that he only wanted what was best for the club.

“But Mancini snapped ‘I want you to leave now. And do not come back for three months’.”

I have grown to love Bellamy over the past number of years. The majority of football fans in England and indeed all over the world will admit he is a player who always gives 110%, regardless of who they support. I personally think he has been one of the player’s of this Premier League season so far, however as was the case at Liverpool, Newcastle and I’m sure several other clubs Bellamy has played for, he just can’t keep his mouth shut.

If, what the papers are reporting is true, there is no doubt that the club may be forced to sell Bellamy when the transfer window opens in the summer which I think would be a disaster. He is one of the only players at City who really gives a shit about the club and I feel if it is between letting Bellamy go or getting rid of Mancini, I honestly believe Mancini is the man to go.

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