Liverpool will finish 4th

After over a week of voting you, the readers, decided that Liverpool will finish 4th in the Premier League this season.

Rather expectedly, the poll, which asked who would finish 4th this season, turned into a two-horse race between Rafa Benitez’ men and Manchester City. Liverpool received 47% of the vote, whilst City received 44% with the other 9% being shared amongst Aston Villa and Tottenham respectively.

Here is the result :

Liverpool – 47% (154 votes)

Manchester City – 44% (145 votes)

Aston Villa – 7% (22 votes)

Tottenham – 2% (8 votes)

Total votes : 329

I must admit I don’t agree that Liverpool will be the ones to finish 4th. I voted for City and I strongly believe I voted correctly. I was quite surprised to see the lack of votes Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham received (8 from a total 329. What up with that?)

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