Is it finally the right time for Cesc to return to Barcelona?

We’ve all heard it for ages. Cesc Fabregas is constantly linked with Barcelona, a team that is almost unanimously considered the best team in the world. At least within the past year.

The great talent has always believed that individual success comes second to winning trophies, but all he has won so far with Arsenal is an FA Cup and a Community Shield. Even those trophies date back to 2005. Yes, that’s five years ago. Cesc was just turning 18 years old. You can’t help but compare Arsenal’s amount of trophies to Barcelona’s SIX trophies won last year alone.

The (still) young Spaniard has always maintained that he wants to play for the Blaugrana at some point in his career. Coming through La Masia, the legendary youth system at Barça, it makes one wonder if Cesc wants his career to be defined in North London or back where his roots are. Sorry Arsenal fans, the logical answer is not in North London. But the aspect of this dilemma that is begging the question is whether this should be Cesc’s last season with the Gunners.

In his first season as Arsenal’s consistent captain, the 22-year-old has been nothing but a superb leader. Arsenal’s failure to truly compete with Chelsea for the Premier League title is in no way his fault, quite the opposite. Leading by example on and off the field, Fabregas’ influence has done nothing but unite the squad as a whole. Thomas Vermaelen said that the Catalan native “is a good captain… He has a lot of qualities in football and I think that’s important for a captain. He talks in the dressing room, not too much but just enough.” In 26 appearances, Fabregas has scored 14 goals, a strike rate that even the vintage Gerrards and Lampards would be proud of.

Again, the lad has been nothing but a class act that truly loves playing at the Emirates, but you have to wonder how much longer Arsene Wenger has the right to hold onto his captain. Perhaps the only thing that could keep Fab in the Premier League is Champions League success, but then you would think that Arsenal would very likely have to triumph over Barcelona for that to happen. A knock out from Europe could spell the end of Fabregas’ tenure in England.

And to state the obvious, the Spaniard will spend the whole summer in South Africa with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, and Pique, who will all be urging him to return to Catalunya. No supporter of Arsenal, and even of the Premier League, wants to see a world-class midfield maestro like Fabregas leave, but to be fair to the Arsenal captain, he has every legitimate reason to ask to journey to La Liga.

What do you think? Will these be Cesc’s last few months playing at Arsenal?

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