If only Arsenal had someone who could score goals

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal.

A scoreline which no doubt brings to an end any chance Arsenal had of lifting the Premier League title this season.

Today’s game really summed up Arsenal of late. They create a lot of chances, however they simply can’t put them away.

Although they were beaten, I honestly thought Arsenal played extremley well today. They had most of the possession throughout the 90 minutes and if Robin Van Persie had have been playing (or any decent striker for that matter) Arsenal could have easily won the game.

I made the same point last weekend following the 3-1 defeat to Manchester United that Arsenal needed a new striker. Unsurprisingly, Arsene Wenger did not listen. The Frenchman decided not to try and bring a new striker to the Emirates in the remaining hours he had left in the transfer window and to be perfectly honest, I feel he will regret that decision.

Wenger has to realise that possession doesn’t win you games, goals do and at the moment Arsenal can’t seem to put promising chances away.

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