Rio Ferdinand should have got a 5 or 6 game ban

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand today received a 4 game ban after his appeal against against a violent conduct charge was unsurprisingly deemed frivolous.

Following United’s 4-0 win over Hull City, Ferdinand was charged with violent conduct for his off-the-ball elbow to the back of Craig Fagan’s head.

Manchester United appealed against the decision for one reason and one reason only. Not because they thought the appeal would be succesful, but because they wanted him to play in last night’s Carling Cup semi-final victory over Manchester City.

When I heard Sir Alex Ferguson before last night’s game, it infuriated me. Ferguson claimed that the reason they appealed against Ferdinand’s was because they thought they had a case. What a load of rubbish.

I personally think the FA should have added a game or two to the ban simply because it was so blatantly obvious as to why they were appealing. Obviously all you United fans will disagree with me but what does everyone else think?