Ferguson loses the plot before Derby

Having banned Sky cameras from his press conference for their role in the violent conduct charge brought against Rio Ferdinand this week, Alex Ferguson today insisted that his players’ behavior “has always been perfect”.

The United manager is said to be furious at the way his players have been put under scrutiny this week: in the first instance, Gary Neville’s pathetic middle-finger to Tevez has been shown repeatedly this week; in the second, Sky supplying the FA footage of Rio conducting himself violently.

Sounds to me like Ferguson needs to get a grip of himself. Whether the referee sees it or not, there is simply no denying it: violent conduct is violent conduct is violent conduct. Though I’m sure he has plotted this carefully and knows full-well what he’s doing, it seems to me like Ferguson is losing it a bit under the pressure of tonight’s big derby.

Banning the Sky cameras from his press conference isn’t the first instance of His Eminence acting childishly with the press when he doesn’t get his way. Think the BBC, his son Jason, and the would-be self-referential “arrogrant beyond belief” comment.

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