Manchester City will finish ahead of neighbours United this season

It’s a strong opinion, however I firmly believe Manchester City will finish ahead of Manchester United this season. I feel so strongly about it I even put a tenner on it with a good mate of mine today.

After last night’s 4-1 win against Blackburn, bookmakers have slashed the odds on Roberto Mancini’s men to win the Premier League title to just 12/1. United are currently a 5/2 shot to claim their fourth title on the bounce but in my opinion they are woeful odds for a side who look a one man team at the moment (Wayne Rooney).

City have already gone through their sticky patch this season, drawing an incredible eight games in a row whilst Mark Hughes was still in the hot seat at Eastlands.  I have watched United several times this season and every time I watch them I just think they’re lack something or someone (Cristiano Ronaldo anyone? Or even Carlos Tevez for that matter?).

I overheard my mate Darragh babbling on about United today and I decided to rudely interupt. I began chatting about how good Carlos Tevez was last night and how much United miss the little Argentine. Anyway, the conversation ended with me saying : “I bet ya City will finish ahead of United this season.”

To which Darragh replied : “Are you serious? I will bet you anything they don’t.” He suggested fifty quid but I decided, we’re in a recession so let’s make it a tenner. He agreed, we shook hands and the bet is on.