Arsene Wenger is pathetic

It truly was a dismal night for Arsene Wenger last night.

The Frenchman watched his Arsenal side crash out of the Carling Cup at the hands of Premier League rivals Manchester City and then made a show of himself by refusing to shake Mark Hughes’ hand.

It really was pathetic and I have to say I didn’t expect from someone like Wenger. You would think someone with the experience of Wenger would have to cop on to simply shake Hughes’ hand and then walk away.

That never happened and Hughes certainly wasn’t impressed by it. Speaking after his side’s 3-0 win, the former Wales manager had this to say : “Maybe he’s used to winning games and when he does lose sometimes he doesn’t know how to behave.” Wenger replied to that by saying : “I think I have nothing to say. I am free to shake hands with whom I want after the game.”

I firmly believe that no matter happens during a football match, the two managers should shake hands with one another at the end of the game. Simple as. I know Wenger wasn’t happy about Hughes entering (well nearly entering) the his technical area, however that doesn’t justify not shaking his hand.

I am sure the majority of Arsenal fans were a little bit embarrassed when they saw Wenger walk down the tunnel at the City of Manchester Stadium last night.

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