Three words to sum up Ireland’s chances of getting a replay against France

It would be an injustice if Ireland didn’t get a replay after last night’s game, but let’s be honest, FIFA are unlikely to allow it.

I am sure we have all seen the incident by now. In case you haven’t, France striker Thierry Henry handled the ball before setting up William Gallas for the winning goal in last night’s World Cup play-off second leg.

The goal meant France will be on the plane to South Africa next summer, unless FIFA decide to listen to the FAI’s appeals to have the second-leg replayed.

So, will Ireland get the replay. Well Football Corner wants you to sum up Ireland’s chances in just three words. Whenever we do the ‘three words to sum up’ feature we always seem to get a great response, so it would be great to get that again. Please tell me your three words by leaving a comment below.

My three words : not a hope

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