Thierry Henry is not to blame for Ireland’s World Cup exit

We’ve all seen the headlines today. Most of them have revolved around France striker Theirry Henry being a cheat for handling the ball in the Ireland box to set-up the winning goal in extra-time last night in the Stade de France.

Those papers blaming Henry for Ireland’s dramatic World Cup exit are just ridiculous. It wasn’t Henry’s fault. It was the fault of the referee on the night, and his assistants. I am 100% percent sure that Henry, 30, was fully expecting the ref to blow his whistle to give a free out, however that never happened and it’s France who go through.

Henry is still, in my mind, a terrific footballer, who is without doubt one of the greatest strikers in the world. As former Ireland international defender Kenny Cunnigham said, if Henry is cheat then you may as well call me a cheat as well because he got away with shirt-pulling and all sorts in the past.

Regardless of what the ref did, the simple fact of the matter is that, Ireland should have dealt with the ball played into the box. It’s fair to say that Paul McShane should have put his big red head on the ball and put it out for a throw.

Talks of a replay are just nonsense. It’s never going to happen, simple as and the sooner we Irish accept that, the better.

I’m keen to hear what you have to say on this one. Comments below please.

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