If it’s good enough for Sergio Agüero, it’s good enough for me!

The red and white stripes of the Atletico Madrid home jersey make this one of the most recognisable soccer uniforms in the world. Kia sponsor Atletico Madrid with an unobtrusive red and white logo which blends in well with the shirt.

Atletico Madrid have a host of fantastic players including Maxi Rodriguez, Diego Forlan and Argentinian wonder, Sergio Aguero who wears the number 10 for the Spanish giants.

I recieved the Atletico Madrid jersey last week from the kind people over at soccer pro and I have to say, I it is simply sublime. I would strongly recommend this fantastic jersey for any football fan, whether you support Los Colchoneros or not.

The jersey is priced at a very reasonable $68.60, which is just over £40 and just a tiny bit over €45. So what are you waiting for, heading on over to soccer pro now to order your very own Atletico jersey!