Three words to sum up El Hadji Diouf

Blackburn striker El Hadji Diouf has today claimed that Everton fans were throwing bananas at him during Sunday’s game at Goodison Park.

The Senegalese international has been accused of making racist comments towards an Everton ball-boy, however he has today hit back by saying he was the one on the receiving end of racial abuse.

There is no nicer way to say it, other than, Diouf is a scumbag. Always has been, always will be. I’m sure we all remember the infamous spitting incident back in his Bolton days.

Football Corner would like you to sum up Diouf in three words. Whenever we do this feature we always seem to get a brilliant response from you, the readers, and I hope you can do the same again. So tell me your three words my leaving a comment below.

My three words : scum scum scum

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