Banning Bellamy would be a disgrace

What has Craig Bellamy done wrong? Nothing in my view.

The Manchester City striker looks as though he could be banned by the FA for punching a Manchester United fan.

The incident occurred when United scored a last minute (no wait a second, it wasn’t last minute, it was after the allocated stoppage time) goal to earn a 4-3 victory over their bitter rivals. The fan ran onto the Old Trafford turf, only to be floored by a number of stewards.

As the stewards led the idiot away, Bellamy decided to take matters into his own hands (well fists actually). Many have today said that Bellamy, who scored twice yesterday, and might I add played exceptionally well, should be banned. Personally, I feel banning Bellamy would be a disgrace.

Bellamy was obviously devastated, considering the fact he had put in so much effort, only to end in failure for his side. First of all the fan shouldn’t have been on the pitch. By running onto the pitch, the fan is clearly just rubbing salt into the wounds so to speak. Mark Hughes summed it up perfectly after the match. “Brian Clough clipped someone’s ear. He was lauded a national hero. Maybe it’ll be the same with Craig but I doubt it.”

So, what do you think? Should Bellamy be banned?

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