Ferguson will regret not spending more of the Ronaldo money

I’m sure we all were a bit surprised when Sir Alex Ferguson said that he would not be spending anymore money during the summer transfer window back on the 13th of July.

Many of us, including myself, thought that Ferguson was just saying this in an attempt to reduce the price of some of Europe’s best attacking talents including the likes of Franck Ribery and Sergio Aguero. Obviously, that was not the case.

Antonio Valencia, Michael Owen and Gabriel Obertan were the only arrivals at Old Trafford this summer and personally I feel Ferguson will regret not spending more of the Cristiano Ronaldo money over the past few weeks. You can’t underestimate the impact Ronaldo had at United.

Without him, I personally think United lack that cutting edge and if you look at the amount of 1-0 wins they had last season where Ronaldo scored the only goal, you begin to see how much United relied on the man. It’s fair to say that Valencia isn’t half the player Ronaldo is and why they didn’t bring in another player or two to replace the current FIFA Player of the Year is beyond me.

To sum it up, United will regret not fully replacing Ronaldo and will struggle to win their 4th straight Premier League title. What do you think? Comments below please.

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