Can you blame Lescott for leaving Everton for Manchester City?

Let’s face it, the large majority of footballers in Joleon Lescott’s position would have done the exact same thing as him.

After months of speculation, Lescott has today finally left Everton to join the world’s richest club Manchester City for a fee of £24 million.

The England international has come in for some strong criticism from the Everton faithful, however I personally feel that most of that criticism is unwarranted.

The guy knew he would virtually double his wages if he moved to Eastlands, so who can blame him for jumping at the opportunity. It was the exact same thing with Gareth Barry when he left Aston Villa to join City.

People (mostly Villa and Everton fans) have argued that Barry/Lescott are taking a step down in their career by joining City. I would 100% disagree with that. With City, you can virtually guarantee that they will be a top 4 club by the end of next season. The same cannot be said about Villa or Everton.

Neither club has bags of money to spend and we all know that money talks in football. So can you really blame Lescott for joining City? Comments below please.

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