Cesc Fabregas is worth more like £50 million

After watching Cesc Fabregas’ incredible performance for Arsenal yesterday, it made me laugh.

All summer long, Barcelona have been linked with a move for the Spanish midfielder, with the majority of papers claiming that a deal could be done for £30 million. Now, given the fact that Real Madrid signed Kaka for £58 million this summer, I personally think it would be insulting for Barca to bid just £30 million for Fabregas.

His performance yesterday reminded us all, just what a quality player he is. His ability to pick a pass is exceptional and I for one, feel there is no one better at that in the Premier League. In my opinion, without Fabregas, Arsenal would really struggle.

There is no doubt that Fabregas will eventually leave the Emirates, however I for one hope it’s not for at least another two years. When he does eventually leave, it would be a real shame if it was for anything less than £50 million.

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